The Big Upgrade

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My VPS has been set up in 2018. Over these years it has accrued a couple dozens of different systems - my blog, web apps, databases, a handful of backends and so on - overall, in half a dozen different languages. Each one took some time to install, a lot of which was far from obvious (and most of which has been mostly forgotten).

Since Ubuntu 18.04 which the server was running has been out of active support for about a year, the time has come to upgrade. Upgrading the OS in place was out of the question - it has never worked great in the past, so trying it on a production box would be a risk. Which meant a new box would have to be set up with gradual migration of all systems. That process was going to take time and it would not be simple.

Since no forced upgrade should be wasted, I used it as an opportunity to try a couple of new things:

The whole process took several months but I am done now, with all 3 goals accomplished. Everything has been migrated successfully and is in production on the new box; the old box will be shut down in a couple of weeks.

In addition to the goals above, a number of valuable lessons have been learned:

To be continued… In 10 years!

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